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Word Of The Day

derivative, adj
Coming or acquired from some origin.
June 15, 2024
cajole, v
To impose on or dupe by flattering speech.
June 14, 2024
serviceable, adj
June 13, 2024
beget, v
To produce by sexual generation.
June 12, 2024
cadenza, n
An embellishment or flourish, prepared or improvised, for a solo voice or instrument.
June 11, 2024
lunatic, n
An insane person.
June 10, 2024
exhume, v
To dig out of the earth (what has been buried).
June 9, 2024
liege, adj
June 8, 2024
depreciate, v
To lessen the worth of.
June 7, 2024
derivation, n
That process by which a word is traced from its original root or primitive form and meaning.
June 6, 2024
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