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Flat Rubik - Double Shift Puzzle Rules

Double Shift Puzzle consists of 4 color blocks. For the puzzle to be solved, blocks should be unscrambled. It makes two shifts on each move. It shifts one column up or down and shifts one row horizontally. There are following moving options: shift down/right, down/left, up/right, and up/left. In order to move a row and a column, click on the square in the intersection of the row and column you want to move.
Flat Rubik - Double Shift PuzzleFor example, if you select the ‘Shift Down/Right’ option and click on square #8 (the intersection of column #2 and row #3), all squares in column #2 will move down (exception: square #15 at the bottom of column #2 will go to the top of the column), then all squares of row #3 will shift to the right (exception: square #14 on the very right of row #3 will go to the left side of the row).
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